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ACC 403 Week 10 Quiz 8 - Part 1 Chapter 16 RECENT

ACC 403 Week 10 Quiz 8 - Part 1 Chapter 16 RECENT
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ACC 403 Week 10 Quiz 8 - Part 1 Chapter 16
1. When do most companies record sales returns and allowances?
2. Which of the following is the principle "weakness" of using negative confirmations for your tests of details of balances for accounts receivable?
3. Because of its central role in auditing of accounts receivable, which of the following would normally be one of the first items tested?
4. Which of the following is likely to be determined first when performing tests of details for accounts receivable?
5. The two primary classes of transactions in the sales and collection cycle are:
6. The most important aspect of evaluating the client's method of obtaining a reliable cutoff is to:
7. Cutoff misstatements occur:
8. For most audits, a proper cash receipts cutoff is less important than the sales cutoff because the improper cutoff of cash:
9. An auditor selects a sample from the file of shipping documents to determine whether invoices were prepared. This test is to satisfy the audit objective of:
10. Confirmation of accounts receivable selected from the trial balance is the most common test of details of balances for the ________ of accounts receivable.
11. The understatement of sales and accounts receivable is best uncovered by:
12. The most effective audit evidence gathered for accounts receivable is the:
13. A type of positive confirmation known as a blank confirmation:
14. A listing of the balances in the accounts receivable master file at the balance sheet date, by total balance outstanding and by the amount of time the component parts have been outstanding, is the:
15. For sales, the occurrence transaction-related audit objective affects which of the following balance-related audit objective?

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