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BSA 411 Week 1 Individual Value Chain

BSA 411 Week 1 Individual Value Chain
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BSA 411 Week 1 Individual Value Chain

Review Figure 3.9, “The Value Chain Model” of Ch. 3, “Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy,” of Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firmto see an example of a value chain diagram.

Select an organization with which you are familiar; this may be a real or fictional organization.

Typical organizations have activities that can be categorized as either primary activities or support activities, including the following examples:

Primary Activities:

§  Sales and Marketing

§  Operations

§  Service

Support Activities:

§  Human Resources

§  Administration and Management:

Diagram a 1-page value chain that depicts the activities and related systems that support your selected organization. Use Microsoft® Visio®, PowerPoint®, or Word to create the diagram.

Write a 1-page narrative explaining your value chain diagram.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

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