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BUS 100 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 Recent

BUS 100 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 Recent
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BUS 100 Quiz 8 Chapter 11 NEW

1. _____ provide reports, information, and analysis to managers to assist them with making better informed decisions.
2. _____ is/are what the firm owes its creditors.
3. The process of developing the operating budget begins with the
4. The _____ indicates whether a firm earned a profit or suffered a loss over the past accounting period.
5. According to the _____ method of accounting, revenues are recognized when they are earned, and payment is reasonably assured
6. _____ is a technique used by managerial accountants to assign product costs based on links between activities that drive costs and the production of specific products
7. The major output of financial accounting is a set of statements including the
8. Out-of-pocket costs are also referred to as
9. Bookkeepers encompass the routine procedures involved in reporting information about the financial transactions that affect an organization, while _____ go further by analyzing and interpreting this information and communicating the results to stakeholders
10. _____ are valuable things owned by the firm

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