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BUS 340 Week 2 AssignmentInternational Job Application RECENT

BUS 340 Week 2 AssignmentInternational Job Application RECENT
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BUS 340 Week 2 AssignmentInternational Job Application NEW

Visit a job posting search engine (i.e.,, or and look for a job posting involving a position with an international or multinational company where you will be required to relocate to another country. The job posting does not have to be related to your field of interest. However, it might help your future career if you search for a job that is related to your degree or interest. If you cannot find the job postings from these websites, you can review the list of job posting sites listed in Table 18.1 of your text. These are acceptable job-posting sites, too. (Submit everything to the assignments area in one document.)

a. When you find the job posting, please provide a copy of the job posting with your assignment. Provide the entire job description and list the website address, too.

b. Write a 1-2 page cover letter or letter of interest that describes your qualifications and skills for the job. You may not have the current skills needed for the job, so you can list possible skills you believe you will acquire in the future. (Do not write the letter in future tense, though. You will write the letter as if you already have these skills and qualifications.). Please follow the format in Figure 19.1 of the text when writing your letter.

c. Submit a 2-3 page resume that is appropriate for the job you are applying for. You can list possible skills, education, and qualifications that you believe you will have five years from today. Although the content of your resume may be fictional because the skills and qualifications may not apply to your current background, this would serve as a goal document that you can reflect on 3-5 years from today. Note that you should not submit falsified information to an actual organization as this will ruin your prospect for a job. This exercise is for practice only. Use the examples in Chapter 18 to help you create your resume.

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