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BUS 696 Week 6 Assignment Final Paper Recent

BUS 696 Week 6 Assignment Final Paper Recent
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BUS 696 Week 6 Assignment Final Paper NEW

Final Paper. Due by Day 7. In a twelve to fifteen page paper (excluding title page, reference page and appendix), present an initial business plan. Using information from the final paper submitted in your other entrepreneurial concentration courses and following the categories of a strategic audit of a corporation (Appendix 1.A in your textbook), provide information on the following:

•  Business Idea

•  Governance

•  External Environment: Opportunities and Threats

•  Internal Environment: Strengths and Weaknesses

•  Analysis of Strategic Factors

•  Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy

•  Implementation Programs

•  Evaluation and Control Measures

•  Growth Issues

•  Summary

At least five peer-reviewed sources are to be used.

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