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CMGT 433 Assignment Week 2 Prioritizing Threats Recent

CMGT 433 Assignment Week 2 Prioritizing Threats Recent
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CMGT 433 Assignment Week 2 Prioritizing Threats NEW

Based on your completed security overview presentation that was ‘approved for action,’ the team would like more information about the type of threats and challenges that should be addressed. They want to know which threats should be prioritized and the impact they have on the organization. They would like you to:
Identify common categories of cybersecurity threats
Prioritize categories
Recommend a cybersecurity category to address with the organization
Identify challenges that mobile and cloud computing needs could bring to the organization
Explain the importance of testing for the detection and intrusion of risks
Write a 2- to 3-page executive summary to share with the executive staff about your recommendations, challenges, and explanations. Include the following in your summary:
A chart detailing 8 challenges and their impact
Your top 5 prioritized categories with a rationale for the prioritization
At least two references supporting your top 5 recommendations
Note: This executive summary will also be used in the Assignment Week 3 Assignment.
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