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COMP 129 Quiz 6 Recent

COMP 129 Quiz 6 Recent
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COMP 129 Quiz 6 NEW

1. (TCO 8) What two things are needed in order to configure a computer for a proxy server?

2. (TCO 9) A(n) _____ is about the size of a credit card but thicker

3. (TCO 8) Which Windows tool do you use to view a recorded log of network activity?

4. (TCO 8) An antivirus application has found a file that states the file is part of a virus, but it cannot be deleted by the application. What should you do?

5. (TCO 8) A strong password should

6. (TCO 8) What security term describes a program written to collect information and store it on the hard drive?

7. (TCO 8) Technology that enables you to create a tunnel from one network device to another over the Internet is

8. (TCO 8) A _____ does not need a host program to work; rather, it substitutes itself for a legitimate program.

9. (TCO 8) Which technique provides more security for the clients on a wireless network?

10. (TCO 8) Which of the following is an example of social engineering?

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