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CRJ 435 Week 2 The 5 D’s of Security Recent

CRJ 435 Week 2 The 5 D’s of Security Recent
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CRJ 435 Week 2 The 5 D’s of Security NEW

The 5 D’s of Security. Security countermeasures seek to do one or more of the following: deter, detect, delay, deny, and destroy.

Explain the meaning of each of these concepts and how you would use them in the following scenario:

You are a consultant brought in to evaluate the security programs of a chain jewelry store. The first store you assess is located in a shopping mall. It has security cameras inside and outside the store, safes for jewelry, standard dead bolt locks on all doors, a metal gate that protects the store when it is closed, and an alarm system. The employees are screened prior to being hired and are monitored through inventory control. The counters contain 70% of the value of the store’s merchandise, and cameras cover 20% of the counters. Do not assume any other countermeasures are in place.

Apply the 5 D’s to the system described for the jewelry store and make recommendations for how you would improve the store security based on the countermeasures described in Security and Loss Prevention: An Introduction. For instance, consider the alarm. Is its purpose to detect, deter, delay, or deny? Is its purpose to do a combination of these things? 

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