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EDU 600 Week 3 Assignment Effective Communication Recent

EDU 600 Week 3 Assignment Effective Communication Recent
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EDU 600 Week 3 Assignment Effective Communication NEW

Effective Communication. This analysis exercise provides you with the opportunity to analyze each of the different communication tools (i.e. discussion forums, chats, emails, etc.) used in the online learning environment. The student will identify when each communication tool is most useful in online learning. Perform the following tasks:
Step 1: Review the lesson materials. Review this week’s material.
Step 2: Prepare your document.
Create a table which lists at least six communication tools available in the online environment. In a second column, for each tool, describe the Modality (text, sound, video, live vs. asynchronous, one-way no response vs. two-way – response expected, typical time between responses). In a third column describe the uses for each communication tool including brief examples. In a final column, describe the advantages and disadvantages of each tool. Use a minimum of two scholarly resources to make adequate comparisons. Be sure to cite any sources used in your document. Step 3: Save and submit your assignment. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor. Depending on the system the course utilizes, assignments will either be submitted via the classroom Assignment Basket Assignment Basket Icon or Waypoint

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