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EDU 668 Week 2 Preparation for Learning Recent

EDU 668 Week 2 Preparation for Learning Recent
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EDU 668 Week 2 Preparation for Learning NEW

Preparation for Learning. Using the Ashford online library, search “NewsBank” for difficult- to-understand headlines where prior knowledge is important for understanding. You may also search for headlines online or in an actual newspaper. If you are unable to locate one, use one of the following two headlines as the topic of a lesson:
“Morgan Stanley Dissidents Push for Executive Changes.” (Associated Press, April 6, 2005).
“Overweight Trucks Strain Infrastructure.” (Virginian Pilot, September 11, 2007). Demonstrate the following:
 How will you determine prior knowledge?
 How you will build on prior knowledge?
 Strategies you will use to prepare the learner
Explain the following:
 The importance of determining prior knowledge
Be creative! You can produce a document, you can create a video, a PowerPoint or a lesson, or you can come up with your own way to demonstrate your understanding. Whatever you choose to create, provide access to your instructor by uploading all the necessary links or text in a document. There is no page or length requirement, as that will limit your creativity, but whatever you create, make sure you have addressed all the requirements.

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