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ELM 530 Week 2 Assignment Deconstructing Assessment Items RECENT

ELM 530 Week 2 Assignment Deconstructing Assessment Items RECENT
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ELM 530 Week 2 Assignment Deconstructing Assessment Items NEW



Review “Sample Arizona AIMS Exam Questions.” This contains seven assessment items for fourth-graders from the standardized Arizona AIMS exam. Complete this assignment in three parts:

Complete a “Table of Specifications” using the table format provided. Begin by analyzing each of the seven assessment items. For each item, create a learning objective aligned to what the assessment item is measuring. Write these learning objectives in the first column under “Learning Objectives.” 

Then, for each assessment item, classify the item, indicating its type (e.g., multiple choice, essay) under the level of knowledge/skill the student is being asked to display in the item.

Review each assessment item for cultural bias (e.g., ethnic, gender, or socioeconomic bias). Write a short description of your review beneath your Table of Specifications.

Lastly, create new assessment items for each of the original seven assessment items using a different Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Level than what was originally required. Be sure your new assessment item aligns to the learning objective you wrote, or, if you prefer, re-write the learning objective slightly to more accurately reflect your new assessment. Include the learning objectives, the new assessment items, and their Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Level classification beneath the statement of bias.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

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