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FIN 375 Week 1 My Future Business Opportunity Recent

FIN 375 Week 1 My Future Business Opportunity Recent
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FIN 375 Week 1 My Future Business Opportunity NEW

My Future Business Opportunity
Purpose of Assignment
This assignment builds on the ideas that you have for creating a small
business. Planning what you can afford and what is needed to gain
financial backing is critical to success, and this is an area that can hurt
small business owners financially in both the short and long run.
In this assignment, you will assess a small business opportunity and
conduct initial research. Your final product will be an engaging
Note: It is recommended that you save this graded presentation for use
in MGT/465.
Assignment Steps
Create a 25-slide presentation about a potential business opportunity.
Describe a small business that you would like to start or purchase.
Compare the advantages and disadvantages between starting a
business from scratch and buying an existing business.
Include details such as the number of employees, the type of facilities
and equipment needed, target customer demographics, and marketing
Research three to four companies within your industry, and highlight
important parts of their annual reports that can assist you in the
development of your own business plan.
Describe how these benchmarked companies started financially and
how they have grown by answering the following questions:
• How did the companies allocate their funding last year?
• What information did they use to distribute the funding?
• How did the companies perform against their financial plan?
• What financial roadblocks or challenges did the companies meet and
how were they addressed?
Determine the components that you will need to include in the financial
section of your business plan, and explain how this information will be
used to allocate funding for your business.
Include a final slide with the references from the different sources you
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your presentation.
Note: For presentations, you may use any presentation software you
SupportingMaterial:Office Sway First LookResource: Designing an
InfographicMy Future Business Opportunity Grading Guide


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