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HCA 311 Week 2 DQ Grouping Expenses

HCA 311 Week 2 DQ Grouping Expenses
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HCA 311 Week 2 DQ Grouping Expenses

Referencing Chapters 5 and 6 in the text, and using evidence in your text or from other sources for support, discuss the three ways to group expenses:

•    Traditional cost centers, diagnoses/procedures, and care settings.

•    Compare and contrast the different types of groupings.

•    Discuss the pros and cons of each. Provide and explain at least two examples/scenarios in which you would use specific groupings. Justify your response.

•    Which type of grouping do you think is better to use for control and planning?  Why?

•    Are there situations/circumstances where certain groupings would be completely inappropriate? Why? Respond to at least two classmates’ postings.

Do you agree/disagree with your classmates’ opinions? Why or why not? Support your response in at least 250-300 word post.


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