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HIS 105 Quiz 1 Ch.16 Recent

HIS 105 Quiz 1 Ch.16 Recent
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HIS 105 Quiz 1 Ch.16 NEW

1.)   What effect did the 14th & 15th Amendments have on the women’s suffrage movement?
2.)   Congress impeached Johnson because
       Radical Republicans in the House charged the president with violating the Tenure of Office Act.
3.)   The Civil Rights Act of 1875 did not include restrictions on racial discrimination in:
4.)   Congress responded to Lincoln’s Ten-Percent Plan, as it was known, by passing the: 
5.)   Passed by most of the new southern state governments during Reconstruction, the Black Codes did all of the following except: 
6.)   African Americans in the South demonstrated their newly achieved freedom by: 
7.)   White Redeemers terrorized African Americans in the South with arson, assassinations, and intimidation in order to: 
8.)   In an effort to gain the right to vote, African Americans did all of the following during the Reconstruction era except: 
9.)   Radical Republicans in Congress sought to: 
10.)Immediately after the Civil War, many white landowners: 
11.)The 15th Amendment:

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