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ISCOM 386 Week 3 Service Factor Improvement Recent

ISCOM 386 Week 3 Service Factor Improvement Recent
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ISCOM 386 Week 3 Service Factor Improvement NEW

Your team has been hired as consultants to advise the owner of XYZ Hotel.  Your primary objective is to address current areas of opportunity in the service that exist within the company.  You have determined that the first area that needs improvement is the arrival process for the guests.
Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to give to the owner of the hotel regarding how you will improve the arrival process.  You must include a script in the notes section of the slide that gives an exact script of what will be said for each slide during the presentation.
Address the following:
Streamline the check-in process to make it more effective.  This may include reducing the average check-in time at the front desk, meeting individual needs of each guest, or providing transportation to and from the airport.
The slow new employee orientation process and the non-existent re-training process for current employees.  How can better training help improve the arrival process for guests?
What approach to training will you take in order to provide the service while keeping costs low?  What other methods will you use to control costs throughout the hotel?
How will improving the arrival process for guests reduce costs?
How will efforts to reduce customer complaints help to reduce costs?
Use at least 2 academic references.
Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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