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JRN 415 Week 3 Researching Government Websites Recent

JRN 415 Week 3 Researching Government Websites Recent
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JRN 415 Week 3 Researching Government Websites NEW

Researching Government Websites. Select one of the following exercises to complete. Explain the information you found and explain how you found it.
1. You are a business reporter and hear that the largest employer in your town is going to lay off one-third of its employees. You need to find background on the company’s financial status. Find the latest 10-K filings for a large public company in your area. Use the EDGAR database from Filings & Forms. (Paul & Hansen, 2007, p. 98).
2. In a story on an “English-only” referendum being proposed, you want to add information about the demographics of your county, particularly the Hispanic population. Search for population statistics for your county at the U.S. Census Bureau. (Paul & Hansen, 2007, 98).
3. In covering a story about domestic violence in Florida, a police officer tells you that the hot weather months are the worst – there is a jump in cases in July. Verify the accuracy of the statement by checking the Florida Department of Children and Families. (Paul & Hansen, 2007, p. 98).

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