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MKT 305 Quiz 4 Ch 7 Recent

MKT 305 Quiz 4 Ch 7 Recent
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MKT 305 Quiz 4 Ch 7 NEW

•       Question 1

Which function of attitudes is based on the concept of reward and punishment?

•       Question 2

Which theory’s basic premise is that consumers are motivated to maintain perceived consistency in the relations found in mental systems?

•       Question 3

How the appeal of a message and its construction affect persuasiveness is referred to as _____.

•       Question 4

Balance theory is based on the _____, which states that human beings prefer consistency among their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.

•       Question 5

Which model of attitude change is based on differing levels of consumer involvement?

•       Question 6

The elaboration likelihood model proposes two routes to persuasion: ______.

•       Question 7

Tracking changes in consumer attitudes over time is referred to as _____.

•       Question 8

Which of the following states that a source feature is most effective when it is matched with relevant products?

•       Question 9

_____ are relatively enduring overall evaluations of objects, products, services, issues, or people.

•       Question 10

According the ABC approach to attitudes, attitudes possess three important components: affect, behavior, and _____.

•       Question 11

Which approach to attitudes suggests that affect, behavior, and cognitions form in a sequential order?

•       Question 12

According to balance theory, the two types of relations between the elements of observer, person, and object are referred to as _____.

•       Question 13

Which type of effect is said to occur when material presented later in the message has the most impact?

•       Question 14

Which function of attitudes allows consumers to simplify their decision-making processes?

•       Question 15

Which of the following concepts belong to social judgment theory?

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