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MPA 543 Week 1 Clearly Stated Research Questions RECENT

MPA 543 Week 1 Clearly Stated Research Questions RECENT
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MPA 543 Week 1 Clearly Stated Research Questions NEW
Resources: Ch.1 of Practical Research Methods
Read the scenario presented in e exercise 1.1 Learning from Sarah’s Story
Answer the following questions adapted from Section A 1-6:
During the initial interview Sarah and the executive director could have explored the research questions that Sarah was expected to answer.
Write three research questions for Sarah’s project. The research questions must be focused on agency performance, client experiences, program evaluation, or assessing community needs.
After Sarah was hired she should have met with agency stakeholders to hear what research questions they would like her to answer.
Write two research questions that you can imagine stakeholders would want answered.
Assess each of your research questions for clarity of purpose, appropriateness of scope, and their ability to be researched.
Identify which of your research questions will yield the most valuable information and explain why.
Format your questions consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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