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MPA 543 Week 4 Survey Administration Plan RECENT

MPA 543 Week 4 Survey Administration Plan RECENT
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MPA 543 Week 4 Survey Administration Plan NEW
Your team has been asked by the mayor and the Kelsey City Council to prepare a survey administration plan to get a feel for public opinion about the Stanley Park project. Clearly state your main research questions before creating your survey instrument. Also, be sure the data collected is at least at the interval level, so descriptive and inferential statistics may be used for its analysis.
Resource: City of Kelsey Virtual Organization
Access the Virtual Organizations government portal. Click the City of Kelsey seal and choose the City Government tab at the top of the page. Review the Stanley Park Project file.
Prepare a survey administration plan in which you do the following:
Create at least 10-12 survey questions.
Identify possible validity and reliability issues and discuss how validity and reliability will be ensured.
Propose a survey distribution plan, including a discussion of adequate and inadequate sampling plans for the study.
Identify ethical issues associated with data collection, and describe how you will address any issues that might arise.
Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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