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NETW 230 Week 3 iLab 3 of 7: Sharing Files and Implementing DFS Recent

NETW 230 Week 3 iLab 3 of 7: Sharing Files and Implementing DFS Recent
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NETW 230 Week 3 iLab 3 of 7: Sharing Files and Implementing DFS NEW

iLab 3 of 7: Sharing Files and Implementing DFS

i L A B  A C C E S S


Accessing Your Lab  

After logging into Element K, follow these steps to access your labs.

•           Click the Professional Development tab located on the top of the page.

•           Select “Development Paths.” NETW 230 will be listed on this page.

•           Click on NETW 230 to see the labs.

•           Your labs will be found under the appropriate week.

Starting Your Lab

There are two ways to start a lab activity.

•           Schedule it. (Recommended)Because you will be accessing live equipment, the number of students who can simultaneously perform a lab is limited by the available resources. If you plan to perform your labs during busy times (i.e., weekends), it is recommended that you schedule the lab to make sure that lab resources will be available when you are ready.

•           Start it right away.

Note: If all lab resources are currently being used when you try to start your lab, you will be given an opportunity to schedule the lab at a later time.


i L A B  O V E R V I E W    


Scenario and Summary          

Welcome to your Week 3 iLab!

•           Sharing Files and DFS (50 points)

You will set folder permissions, prepare Windows 7 for accessing shared folders, share the folder, and then explore settings and the effects they have on Windows 7 users in different groups. Distributed File System (DFS) allows folders to be shared in a much better way by allowing for fault tolerance and being able to move shares without changing the mapping on the Windows 7 client.


You are required to submit a lab report to this week’s iLab Dropbox.


i L A B  S T E P S     


STEP 1: Download the template       


Download this week’s Lab Report Template. You will use this template to create your lab report as you execute your lab. In creating your report, you will capture screenshots at strategic points within your lab.

The lab report template provides detailed instructions for completing your lab report.

STEP 2: Complete the lab work        


After entering the main lab page, perform your lab.

1.         Ensure that you meet the system requirements for this lab and that you understand how to control the devices in the lab.

2.         Start your lab and complete each task by following the steps in the Sample Solution.

STEP 3: Submit your work    


When you are satisfied with your documentation, submit your completed report to the Dropbox located on the silver tab at the top of this page. For instructions on how to use the Dropbox, read these Step-by-Step Instructions or watch this   Dropbox Tutorial.

See Syllabus “Due Dates for Assignments & Exams” for due date information

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