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NETW 230 Week 3 Quiz Recent

NETW 230 Week 3 Quiz Recent
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NETW 230 Week 3 Quiz NEW

(TCO 7) _____ are stored as header information with each folder and file, along with other characteristics, including volume label, designation as a subfolder, date of creation, and time of creation.

(TCO 2) Folders and files can be encrypted or decrypted by using the _____ command in the Command Prompt window.

(TCO 3) To share a server folder, access the _____ tab in the folder properties dialog box and click the Share button (or from the Windows Explorer, right-click the folder and click Share).

(TCO 3) Windows Server 2008 offers _____ for compatibility with UNIX and Linux systems.

(TCO 3) _____ offers compatibility with Unix and Linux systems.

(TCO 2) _____ means that the same permissions are on a parent object.X

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