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NETW 230 Week 4 Quiz Recent

NETW 230 Week 4 Quiz Recent
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NETW 230 Week 4 Quiz NEW

(TCO 4) The computer or print server device offering the printer share is the network _____.

(TCO 4) When the spool file is fully formatted for transmission to the printer, the print _____ pulls it from the spooler’s disk storage and sends it off to the printer.

(TCO 4) The _____ tab of a printer’s Properties dialog box has options to specify which server port, such as LPT1, is used for the printer, as well as options to set up bidirectional printing and printer pooling.

(TCO 4) The _____ tool (also called the Print Management Console or PMC) centralizes shared printer control in one place, enabling printer administrators and operators to manage the print functions of some or all of the shared printers on a network.

(TCO 8) _____ is a process that blocks a group of tracks and sectors to be used by a particular file system, such as NTFS

(TCO 8) A(n) _____ partition is created from space that is not yet partitioned

(TCO 8) Disk _____ is a fault-tolerance method that prevents data loss by duplicating data from a main disk to a backup disk

(TCO 8) A _____ is a grouping of storage devices that forms a subnet

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