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NETW 230 Week 7 Quiz Recent

NETW 230 Week 7 Quiz Recent
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NETW 230 Week 7 Quiz NEW

(TCO 1) The best way to get a feel for a server’s performance is to establish a(n) _____ and then frequently monitor server performance

(TCO 5) The _____ process enables the Task Scheduler to run tasks when scheduled, such as backing up the system at a certain time

(TCO 5) A(n) _____ exists when there are different elements to monitor—such as individual processes when you use the Process object—or when a process contains multiple threads or runs subprocesses under it for the Thread object

(TCO 5) When you set up Active Directory, a domain controller is automatically set up with the _____ shared folder, which contains scripts, group policy objects (GPOs), and software distribution files

(TCO 6) The _____ command is used to partition a disk and to manage multiple partitions on a system

(TCO 6) A(n) _____ log tracks occurrences of specific operations, such as when a disk drive is added

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