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BMET 433 Week 2 iLab NBEW

  • BMET 433 Week 2 iLab NBEW
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BMET 433 Week 2 iLab NBEW

Part A


Attenuation occurs when X-ray photons are removed from their beams when they go through an object, which is called attenuating medium. The attenuation of the photons depends on the material properties of the attenuating medium and its thickness. This lab will show how attenuation of X-ray photons is related to the thickness of the attenuating medium. Here, the stream of water represents a beam of X-ray photons, and the thickness of paper towels represents the attenuating medium. 

Preliminary Ideas

  1. What effects do you think a thicker medium will have on attenuation?
  2. How will this affect the image?

Table 1: Record the amount of water that went through the paper towel here. Average the two values for each thickness and record that, too.

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