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BSOP 303 Quiz 5 Recent

  • BSOP 303 Quiz 5 Recent
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BSOP 303 Quiz 5 Recent

. (TCO 8) A good layout requires determining:
2. (TCO 8) A process-oriented layout is best suited for:
3. (TCO 8) Which of the following is not an advantage of drop shipping?
4. (TCO 8) One of the major advantages of process-oriented layouts is:
5. (TCO 11) In the make-or-buy decision, one of the reasons for “making” is:
6. (TCO 11) In the make-or-buy decision, one of the reasons for buying is:
7. (TCO 11) Japanese manufacturers often take a middle ground between purchasing from a few suppliers and vertical integration. This approach is
8. (TCO 11) Building a chain of suppliers that focuses on maximizing value to the ultimate customer is:
9. (TCO 11) Long-term partnering with a few suppliers is a supply-chain strategy that creates value by allowing suppliers to
10. (TCO 11) A rice mill in south Louisiana purchases the trucking firm that transports packaged rice to distributors. This is an example of:
1. (TCO 8) For each of the following products or operations, indicate the most appropriate type of layout.
2. (TCO 8) Describe at least five of the advantages of work cells.
3. (TCO 11) What are the objectives of Supply Chain management? Identify three ways that this is accomplished
4. (TCO 11) What does the term off shoring mean?
5. (TCO 11) What is the Pareto Principle, and how does it relate to Inventory Management?
6. (TCO 11) Name the types of inventories for a banking institution, an automobile manufacturer, and a hospital?
7. (TCO 11) What are the three aspects of ethics in the supply chain?

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