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CE 300 Unit 2 Screening Assessments Project Recent

  • CE 300 Unit 2 Screening Assessments Project Recent
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CE 300 Unit 2 Screening Assessments Project 
For the Unit 2 Assignment, you will use the multiple resources throughout this unit and through your own research to create a chart on screening assessments for the infant through age 8. This chart needs to discuss five separate screening assessments used
from birth to age eight years of age that address at least THREE different developmental domains.
Be sure to closely review the summary tables in Understanding and Choosing Assessments and Developmental Screeners for Young Children Ages 3-5: Profiles of Selected Measures( /default/files/assets/screeners_final.pdf).
CDC - creating your chart, you must address the following:
Screening Assessment Title-include the full name, including the publisher
Developmental Domains Covered-what developmental domain does this screening assessment address? Motor, physical growth, social, emotional, behavior, communication, etc.
Age Range-what age child is this screening assessment appropriate to administer?
Purpose of the screening-what can an early childhood professional do with the results? What should happen next?

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