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CGD 240 Week 1 Audience Awareness Activity Recent

  • CGD 240 Week 1 Audience Awareness Activity Recent
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CGD 240 Week 1 Audience Awareness Activity NEW

Product Information Article for the Web. You are responsible for writing information about new products created by your company, Statewide Lighting, to be posted on its public website. Its latest product is an outdoor lighting system with built-in speakers for decks and patios. Write a product information article for the company website about the new system based on the product facts below. The audience for this information includes primarily landscape contractors who provide landscaping services to homeowners. The information piece should be at least 350 words and should include a headline and at least two subheads within the text.
Product facts:
Product name: SL3000 Outdoor Lights and Speakers
Outdoor lighting system with state-of-the-art speakers built into each lighting unit.
Speakers compatible with most modern receivers.
Lights use standard outdoor light bulbs.
Each lighting unit encased in a rust-proof, decorative cover that allows light to glow and speaker sounds to be heard, but is weather-resistant.
Each system comes with a set of two lights/speakers.
Each speaker unit is 130 watts.
Each system comes with mounting hardware, speaker wire, and instructions.
Each system includes a 5-year limited warranty.
The decorative covers available in brass or solid black. 

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