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CIS 329 quiz Recent

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CIS 329 quiz Recent

Question 1
  What are the buttons called in the Windows 8 edge UI that provide access to common operating system functions such as Search and Settings?
Question 2
  If you are currently running Windows 8 on your computer, what is the easiest way to upgrade to Windows 8 Professional?
Question 3
  Which of the following methods is not a way to close unused apps that are still running on a Windows 8 computer?
Question 4
  Computers running Windows PE will automatically shut down and reboot after how long?
Question 5
  During what phase of the Windows 8 startup process is the Local Security Authority loaded?
Question 6
  Before performing an upgrade to Windows 8, several tasks should be performed to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. Which of the following is not one of these tasks?
Question 7
  What name is given to a Windows PE installation on a computer with Windows 8 already installed?
Question 8
  Your organization currently uses roaming profiles for all users. All users use Windows 7 computers.  Windows 8 will be introduced shortly in your organization. Given the information presented, what issue should you be aware of?
Question 9
  You have a small number of Windows XP computers in your organization. You need to manually move as much data from the user profile locations for these computers as possible to the new Windows 8 computers these users will be receiving shortly. Where in the file system would you find the profile information?
Question 10
  The User State Migration Tool uses several files to control the migration process. What is the file format of these files?
Question 11
  What should you enter into the Run dialog box to open the Device Manager console?
Question 12
  What is the value of a protected checksum dependent upon?
Question 13
0 out of 2 points
  On which tab of a driver’s properties dialog box will you find information about any conflicts the driver may be experiencing?
Question 14
  What Windows 8 feature assigns one of four integrity levels to running processes?
Question 15
  What is the executable file name for the Windows Installer application on a Windows 8 computer?
Question 16
  What Windows 8 feature prevents applications from executing code in prohibited areas?
Question 17
  Using a single Microsoft account, on how many Windows 8 devices can you install a specific Windows app?
Question 18
  Which of the following is not an AppLocker rule collection type available for usage when creating AppLocker rules?
Question 19
  What PowerShell cmdlet would you need to use to install a critical Line of Business (LOB) Windows App that has been created within your organization?
Question 20
  When you click the down arrow next to the Print button on the IE 10 toolbar, you can choose from all of the following options except
which one?
Question 21
  What new standard defines a protocol that allows clients and servers to exchange data immediately as it becomes available without the overhead created by HTTP and TCP?
Question 22
  By default, IE 10 is granted access to which area of the computer?
Question 23
  Which Hyper-V virtual switch feature provides protection against a malicious virtual machine attempting to steal IP addresses from other virtual machines?
Question 24
  Snapshot data files are stored using what file format?
Question 25
  What PowerShell cmdlet can you use to enable Client Hyper-V?

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