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CIS 329 week 4 quiz 1 Recent

  • CIS 329 week 4 quiz 1 Recent
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CIS 329 week 4 quiz 1 Recent

Question 1
Question 1
  When considering an upgrade to Windows 8, several critical questions must be considered. Which of the following is not one of these questions to consider?
Question 2
  Which edition of Windows 8 includes Office 2013 installed already but does not offer a choice of 32-bit or 64-bit versions?
Question 3
  What are the buttons called in the Windows 8 edge UI that provide access to common operating system functions such as Search and Settings?
Question 4
  Which of the following should be used to locate hardware inadequacies in the computer that might prevent a successful upgrade to Windows 8?
Question 5
  What name is given to a Windows PE installation on a computer with Windows 8 already installed?
Question 6
  During what phase of the Windows 8 startup process is the Local Security Authority loaded?
Question 7
  Computers running Windows PE will automatically shut down and reboot after how long?
Question 8
  What is the name of the USMT application that is used to save user profile data for a migration?
Question 9
  In the scenario where you are installing Windows 8 on a new computer and plan to dispose of an old computer running Windows XP, which Windows Easy Transfer method would be most appropriate to use?
Question 10
  Your organization currently uses roaming profiles for all users. All users use Windows 7 computers.  Windows 8 will be introduced shortly in your organization. Given the information presented, what issue should you be aware of?
Question 11
  To communicate with the operating system running on the computer, each device also requires a software element known as what?
Question 12
  What is the value of a protected checksum dependent upon?
Question 13
  You have opened the Properties dialog box for an installed printer on your computer system. On what tab will you find information that is specific to this piece of installed hardware on your computer system?  
Question 14  
  You have PhotoShop Elements installed on your Windows 8 computer. You want PhotoShop Elements to automatically be launched every time you plug in a memory card that contains photos. What setting do you need modify?
Question 15  
  Windows Installer uses what file format for single package application installations?  
Question 16
  What is the name of the Remote Desktop Services feature that enables clients to run Remote Desktop server applications within an individual window?   
Question 17
  What PowerShell cmdlet would you need to use to install a critical Line of Business (LOB) Windows App that has been created within your organization?
Question 18
  When you create your first new rule in AppLocker, what will happen if you do not have the default rules in place?  
Question 19
  By default, Windows 8 is configured to check for updates for installed apps _________ and then _________ the needed updates.  
Question 20
  Which of the following is not one of the methods that the SmartScreen Filter uses to identify potential phishing web sites?  
Question 21
  When you click the down arrow next to the Print button on the IE 10 toolbar, you can choose from all of the following options except
which one?  
Question 22
  What new standard defines a protocol that allows clients and servers to exchange data immediately as it becomes available without the overhead created by HTTP and TCP?
Question 23
  What PowerShell cmdlet can you use to enable Client Hyper-V?  
Question 24
  Snapshot data files are stored using what file format?  
Question 25
  What Hyper-V feature helps you use physical memory more efficiently for your VMs?

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