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CIS 329 Week 6 quiz Recent

  • CIS 329 Week 6 quiz Recent
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CIS 329 Week 6 quiz Recent

Question 1
  What is the largest danger that high-capacity removable storage devices pose to an enterprise network?
Question 2
0 out of 2 points
  When none of your configured Software Restriction Policies are matched, what happens?
Question 3
  When using the Allow/Prevent installation of devices that match any of these device IDs setting in the Device Installation Restrictions folder of a GPO, what other setting must you ensure you also configure to provide the intended results?
Question 4
  In order to use the Custom Classes: Deny read/write access setting of the Removable Storage Access policy settings, what will you need to know about each device to which you wish to allow read or write access?
Question 5
  Software restriction policies can work in three ways, based on the settings you choose for each of the rules. Which of the following is not one of the settings to choose from?
Question 6
  The process of applying a header and footer to a data packet is known as what?
Question 7
0 out of 2 points
  What protocol is responsible for the end-to-end transmission of a packet, to its final destination on a network?
Question 8
  In the OSI model, which layer is at the bottom and represents the hardware that forms the network?
Question 9
0 out of 2 points
  Most cabled networks today use what type of cabling?
Question 10
  What protocol do most devices currently use at the Network layer?
Question 11
0 out of 2 points
  What type of attack is occurring when attackers gain access to otherwise restricted network resources, using a wireless network?
Question 12
  A 2x2 MIMO device has how many total transceivers?
Question 13
  Why should you not deploy a wireless network using WEP for security?
Question 14
  802.11n wireless networking equipment uses two, three, or more different frequencies for transmission and the subsequent receiving of traffic. The sending system splits its data into multiple signals for transmission, and the receiving device reassembles the signals into a single data stream. What is the name of this process?
Question 15
  What command can you issue from the command line to view all configured wireless networks on your Windows 8 computer?
Question 16
  When do data protection technologies such as the Windows 8 Encrypting File System (EFS) and BitLocker protect data?
Question 17
  What term is given to software that includes viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, and adware?
Question 18
  When using the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security console, you will see three distinct network locations that impact the behavior of the Windows Firewall. Which of the following is not one of these network locations used by the Windows Firewall?
Question 19
  Which of the following is not an item that can be used when building Windows Firewall rules?
Question 20
  Which of the following items is not found in the Security section of the Windows 8 Action Center?
Question 21
  Remote Assistance offers several methods to send the invitation for assistance. Which of the following is not one of those options?
Question 22
  Remote Assistance requires that access to what port be available on the requesting client?
Question 23
  What is the name of the feature that enables an administrator, trainer, or technical specialist at one location to connect to a distant user’s computer, chat with the user, and either view all the user’s activities or take complete control of the system?
Question 24
  Why do some snap-ins, such as the Active Directory Domain Services consoles, not provide a means to redirect the console to another computer?
Question 25
  What makes connecting to a remote computer by redirecting an existing console an inefficient method over time?

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