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ECT 246 Week 6 iLab Filters and Oscillators

  • ECT 246 Week 6 iLab Filters and Oscillators
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ECT 246 Week 6 iLab Filters and Oscillators

Part A - Active Filters

Week six addresses the concept of active filters and oscillators. The low, high, bandpass and notch active filters, their circuits, and operating parameters are covered. The Wein-bridge RC oscillator, its configuration, operation and circuit is discussed.

Given an application requiring active filters calculate, simulate and measure filter characteristic of a low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and notch filter.

Part B- Oscillators

Given an oscillator application, such as a tone generator, determine the operating parameters and calculate and measure the oscillator’s voltage, frequency and relative stability.

Part C-Filters and Oscillator Simulations

1.The circuit below is a two-pole high-pass Butterworth filter. The upper critical frequency should be 1.12kHz. Find the required value for R4 and the closed loop gain. Verify the circuit operation in Multisim. Make the necessary changes to the circuit and verify its operations. The Multisim file ( can be found in Doc Sharing, week 7.

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