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ESE 601 Week 5 Assignment Instructional Planning Recent (2 Papers)

  • ESE 601 Week 5 Assignment Instructional Planning Recent (2 Papers)
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ESE 601 Week 5 Assignment Instructional Planning Recent

Instructional Planning [CLO: 3]. Due by Day 7. In this assignment you will demonstrate your understanding of the learning objectives: Evaluate various assessment data the drives classroom instruction for the individual student and Describe the factors to consider when planning appropriate research-based instructional approaches for student with mild to moderate disabilities. Additionally, completion of this assignment represents an introduction to Course Learning Outcome 3 and MASE Program Learning Outcomes 1, and 4. 

In order to create dynamic lesson plans that engage all students at their present levels of performance, instructional planning must be driven by formal and informal assessment results. Formal assessments include data collected through standard scores that are collected by trained professionals such as the school psychologist. This can include educational assessments such as Henry’s assessment in Week 3.

Informal assessments, on the other hand, are typically content-based and are administered by the teacher to measureastudent’sachievementonclassroominstruction. Forexample,canincludea‘thumbsuporthumbs down’, a morning warm-up of information from the day before, or a brief quiz at the end of a lesson. Teachers also assess students through informal observations by walking around the classroom during group activities and independent practice or during whole group instruction.

Mr. Franklin and you spend quite a bit of time together planning instruction to meet the needs of all your students. Because he is considered the content expert while you are the content delivery expert (access specialist), he looks to you for guidance on creative and engaging lesson plans that are determined by assessment data results and the student’sIEPwrittenplan. Thelessonyouarecreatingmustmeettheneedsofyour28students,withsevenwho have been identified as having specialized academic and/or behavioral needs. 

Content Expectations

  Using support from your assignment reading, the Instructor Guidance, and the discussions, your written paper will:

  Identify three informal assessments.

  Explain how the informal assessment you’ve chosen will accurately evaluate the needs of all the students

in your class.

  Examine how the assessment results will inform instructional planning.

 Summarize at least one additional resource that provides more information on one of the threeassessments you’ve chosen.

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