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LAWS 310 Week 6 Homework Assignment Recent

  • LAWS 310 Week 6 Homework Assignment Recent
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LAWS 310 Week 6 Homework Assignment Recent

1.In this week’s reading you learned of efforts by New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, to ban the sale or service of soda larger than 16 oz. His objective was to address obesity. What role should the government play in dictating to consumers what food they may eat or how much food they should eat? Does government have an obligation to protect people from themselves and curtail behaviors that affect their health? What other examples have you seen where the government has passed a law affecting what consumers may buy or consume?
2.What is meant by product literacy? What are some of the factors that influence consumer behavior and consumer product choices? What does author Pappalardo mean when she states that "[t]here is often a difference between consumer information and consumer comprehension"?

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