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MHA 612 Week 4 Discussion 2 Strategic Planning and Financial Planning Recent

  • MHA 612 Week 4 Discussion 2 Strategic Planning and Financial Planning Recent
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 MHA612 Week 4 Discussion 2 Strategic Planning and Financial Planning Recent


Strategic Planning and Financial Planning.  Prior to completing this discussion, read Chapter 13 from your course text. Select a health care organization and answer the following questions as they relate to your selected organization:

• What is your understanding of strategic planning and financial planning?

• What if financial planning is not aligned with strategic planning? What are the consequences?

Your initial post must be 300 to 350 words.

Guided Response: Challenge your peers to think about how often the plans should be reviewed and by whom. Are there health care organizations that are exempt from the planning process for various reasons? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

LearnScape Simulation


1.      To Move or Not to Move. Due by Day 7. Complete the “To Move or Not to Move” simulation within the LearnScape platform. You will need to create a single Microsoft Word file and save it to your computer. As you complete each week's simulation, copy and paste your results to the same Word file and submit this file within the online classroom.

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