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MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project Proposal (Implementing ERP System) (Jewelry)

  • MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project Proposal (Implementing ERP System) (Jewelry)
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MIS 535 Week 2 Course Project Proposal (Implementing ERP System) (Jewelry)

The Course Project’s focus is on the use of technology to solve specific business problems. Although the list of technologies that you can choose for your Course Project is vast, the following are some current technical topic suggestions appropriate for specific business sectors that you could consider in solving your business problem.

•         New/updated patient registration system
•         New/updated system to track research
•         New/updated system to ensure that needed supplies are delivered to the right locations on the hospital floor
•         Automated tracking of employee spending when traveling
•         New/updated system to take advantage of trading online
•         Allows customers to make trades more efficiently
Project Management
•         Automated process of choosing projects
•         Assist in the process of ranking risks in projects
•         Automated the process of managing project documentation
Network Management
•         Manages on-call schedules
•         Manages the process of vendor selection
•         Manages the process of contract negotiation
•         Systems to support new business start-up (website, database)
•         As a start-up, develop a business model to support both a brick and mortar and e-commerce presence.
•         Designs the infrastructure needed to support a brick and mortar or online bookstore
•         Designs a business process to complete customer transactions that maintain customer intimacy
Supply Chain Management
•         Implements/updates an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
•         Designs the infrastructure to support the product development life cycle of a product that has a global product team
•         Implements a supply chain management system (cloud or in-house based)
•         Manages/updates the process of scheduling patient visits
•         Updates the patient paper file system with medical records system
•         Updates/creates the healthcare website
•         New system to install voice recognition system to replace transcriptionist positions
Information Security
•         Updates database security
•         Creates system to address compliance, governance
•         Conduct project to ensure cybersecurity
•         Implements/updates a customer relationship management system
•         Implement salesforce (Cloud or corporate based)
•         Design a database to handle massive amounts of customer e-mails
Public Administration
•         Federal government: NSA security database
•         Local: traffic management
•         State: human resources system


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