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NETW 205 Week 4 iLab Recent

  • NETW 205 Week 4 iLab Recent
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NETW 205 Week 4 iLab Recent

This week you may have done several labs using Packet Tracer – or in some weeks only one. This report is to be used to report ALL activity for ALL Packer Tracer labs in ONE Chapter – submit this report WITH the SIC for that chapter.

Write a simple paragraph for EACH iLaB explaining WHAT you were supposed to accomplish. Then,

1.Discuss any problems you had with ANY of the labs – if there were typos, errors or unclear instructions, please note them by quoting and indicate specific page, paragraph, section or line reference. What did you do resolve any problems you had? Do you still have remaining issues?

The issue I had was the serial 0/0/1, for some reason I can't keep it up because when I check it I forgot add the int s0/0/1 in so the ip address was part of s0/0/0 instead. Once I solve that problem I still couldn't have it up, so I had to look it up, which I got a solution and solve it.

2.Discuss a different lab, exercise or activity that would have helped you better understand the main concepts in the Chapter.

I need to review the this week's lab and chapter because it took me a few tries to get 100%.

3.What skills do you need to work on to improve both your score and the time it took you to complete the lab.

I need to check what I am typing because when I was working on the lab, I did not check and when I check my results I did not have the task complete, so I had to revisit some of the routers to re-do them

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