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SOCS 350 Week 6 Quiz

  • SOCS 350 Week 6 Quiz
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SOCS 350 Week 6 Quiz

(TCOs 6 & 7) Why is the following statement false? You can easily figure out how to communicate with your coworkers as long as you know their ethnicity.

(TCOs 6 & 7)  Millennial workers (1980–2000) tend to be motivated by

(TCOs 6 & 7) The term white privilege means that

(TCOs 4 & 7) Something that can generate ethnocentric responses or defensive reactions, such as voice, appearance, attitude, or behavior, is called _________.

(TCOs 4 & 7) Time and manners are examples of this type of trigger:

(TCO 8) The social position in life that comes as a result of behavior or things that happen over which one has no control (race, gender, and so on) is called _____.

(TCOs 4, 5, & 7) What organizational strategies can be put in place to demonstrate that diversity is valued and to promote a culture of nondiscrimination? Discuss two specific ways in which organizations can accomplish these goals.

(TCO 8) From the reading in Chapter 14, briefly describe general racial disparities and inequities that exist in the workplace, education, and justice system. How can these disparities be removed?

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